Achieve Excellence in Sustainability

Elevate business impact on a sustainability by embracing ESG and equipping staff for a greener future

Path to Sustainable Success

As the world shifts towards a more conscious & responsible future, it is key to equip yourself with the knowledge & strategies to understanding, implementing, and thriving in an era defined by environmental concerns and evolving expectations.

Why It Matters

Sustainability and ESG have become essential pillars for every organization in today’s landscape



Core principle that shape the impact of sustainability



Align your organization’s goals and plan a roadmap



Discover practical ways to run sustainable initiatives



Develop a mindset that drives organizational agility and innovation

Course Objectives

This training uses the D-A-T-A (Discover-Analyze-Train-Align) process


Foundation of Sustainability & ESG

Understand core principles, the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the significance of creating an eco-conscious footprint through reduced carbon emissions


Climate Change & Business Impact

Dive into the climate change phenomenon, its root causes, and impact on businesses to discover strategies to promote sustainable practices and set targets to enhance your organization’s resilience


ESG Reporting Essentials

Align your company’s vision with SDGs for a purpose-driven approach and craft a robust business case for ESG to ensure sustainability aligns with profitability


Empowerment for a Sustainable Future

Develop a sustainable mindset that drives organizational agility & innovation, and engage employees, communities, and stakeholders through practical approaches and an actionable roadmap

Who Should Attend

Forward-thinking leaders seeking to embed sustainability into their organizations’ DNA

HR professionals committed to driving workplace sustainability and employee engagement

Local authorities, managers, and officers dedicated to enhancing their organizations’ impact

Course Overview


Gain clarity of direction on how to equip yourself against the mounting requirements in sustainability and ESG reporting.


September 5–6, 2023 (Tuesday – Wednesday)

9:00 am – 5:00 pm


BizAcademia Training Center

Unit 911, Level 9, Block F, Phileo Damansara 1,

No.9 Seksyen 16/11, Off Jalan Damansara, 

46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.



RM2,600 (HRDCorp SBL-Khas claimable No: 10001265990 under Mindsights Sdn Bhd)

Fee inclusive of professional fee for a Master Trainer and materials.

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Terms & conditions

  1. Cancellation Policy. If you are unable to attend, a replacement is welcome. Notice of cancellation must be made in writing to us 14 days in advance.
  2. Certificate of Attendance. Please note that Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to participants on successful completion of the workshop only.
  3. The organizer reserves the right to change the venue or mode of delivery, date and program due to circumstances outside our control.